Bulletin – November 2023


Past Month.

Slavic Harvest Festival 2023

October 7. Slavic Harvest Festival was traditionally held on the first Saturday of October on the territory of our church. The festival of Slavic faith, traditions and food gathered more than two thousand adults and children. Representatives of the Gagauz, Belarusian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and Russian cuisines served delicious and nourishing food to all comers.

“When it gets colder, we gather around the fire or fireplace to warm ourselves. It is the same in the spiritual world. The colder it gets and the farther away from God, the more people are depressed, isolated, disillusioned. We want to bless you and pray for you because God’s Word says you are not alone. As the Bread of Life Church, we are here to proclaim in a loud voice: Jesus Christ is the Savior and He wants to change your life, forgive your sins,” Pastor Alex Muzichuk addressed the guests.

“But you are not alone! God is with you in this world! He cares: His love will save you!” – famous singer Sergei Briksa from Florida sang his hit song. He was echoed by dozens of voices. There were also songs in different languages, representing the culture of Slavic peoples who live in Missouri.

Locations for every taste awaited visitors behind the stage: inflatable trampolines, archery, zipline, basketball, pom-pom fishing, bean bag toss, axe throwing, roller hockey and other games.

Funds raised from the festival supported the budget for the mission trip to Cuba.

All photos of the festival can be viewed here.

Harvest Celebration

October 22. The Feast of the Harvest at the Bread of Life Church was very musical. More than 200 Levites praised the Lord in 6 choirs. The choristers ranged in age from 4 to 70 years old. Songs of praise to the Lord and the preaching of God’s Word were sung in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

George Davidiuk preached on the importance of laboring for God and the burning torch that each of us should be. “What is a torch? It is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit! We are leaders who must inspire the next generation of leaders! It is not enough to teach our children to sing beautifully, it is important to pass the fire of the Holy Spirit to them so that they will sing in other tongues, zealous for spiritual gifts. The torch is to show the way to others by passing the fire, not the wood. Pass on the fire, not your commandments. There are good traditions, but remember: it is not fire, it is human. Traditions will not save anyone. The darker the night, the brighter the fire of God!”

At the end of the festive service, everyone blessed each other – the church ministers, and the pastors and deacons blessed the congregation and guests.

Power of the Cross Ministry

The Power of the Cross ministry team held a consecration and deliverance service in Colorado on October 27-29. 34 ministers from Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Idaho, and Colorado met at the First Slavic Christian Church in Arvada.

About 400 people attended seminars and prayers, 70 of whom received personal ministry. Dozens of brothers and sisters, including children, testified of special visitation from the Lord, baptism with the Holy Spirit, and healing of spirit, soul, and body.

“I broke my leg skiing 6.5 years ago and all this time I felt pain in my knees, especially the left one. Jesus healed me today, I can finally pray on my knees,” shares Svetlana.

The first snow fell in Colorado on Saturday as a symbol of purity and holiness. The Holy Spirit worked in hearts, God’s special power and miracles were revealed, and people received freedom from mental problems and demonic forces that have plagued them for years. “Our team has yet to heal or set free a single person. All glory belongs 100% to the Lord alone!” – emphasized Victor Kashubin, founder and leader of the Power of the Cross ministry.

Upcoming plans include Power of the Cross ministries in Chicago, IL November 17-19, 2023 and Jacksonville, FL January 19-21, 2024.

Lana Ren

Important Information for Parents!
A special request from all children’s and teens’ ministries. If your child is sick, sneezing or coughing, please do not bring them to church for services or children’s choir practice. We have so many children and they get infected from sick children very quickly. It is not aesthetically correct, goes against common sense, and is not fair to the parents who are doing everything they can to protect their children. Thank you for your understanding.


4 November. Saturday – Kingdom Couples Parenting Seminar Register Here

5 November. SundayCommunion Service

10-12 November. Fri-SunWorship Team Retreat

18 November. SaturdayCouples Night Register Here

22 November. WednesdayNO SERVICE

26 November. SundayMissions Service

Weekly Church Calendar

Sunday 8:30AM Service in Russian language; 10:30AM Service in Russian language; Kids Church K-3 Grade; 12:30PM Service in English language; Kids Church K-3 Grade.

Monday – 6:30PM Women’s Prayer; Kids and Teens Choirs Rehearsal.

Tuesday – 6:00AM Men’s Bible Study; 7:00PM Adult Choir Rehearsal; Teens Bible Quiz.

Wednesday – 7:00PM Midweek Prayer Service; Kids Church 4-5 Grade; Teens Bible Study.

Thursday – 10:00AM Women’s Fellowship; 5:50PM Worship Teams Rehearsal; 6:00PM School of Russian Language.

Friday – 10:00AM Morning Prayer; 7:00PM Evenung Prayer; 7:15PM Young Adults Service.

Prayer for Families in November

Each week the church is in prayer for the three families, and we pray for them at the Wednesday service. Please join us to bless them together with us.

  • Wednesday, November 1
    Savchenko Oleksandr & Oksana
    Sekishov Pavel & Svetlana, Max
    Semenenko Vladislav & Nadezhda
  • Wednesday, November 8
    Serov Lyudmila
    Shabura Viktor & Lyubov, Dmitriy
    Shapoval Vitaliy & Oksana, Zlata
  • Wednesday, November 15
    Shevchenko Aleksandra
    Shevchenko Anastasia
    Shevchenko Olga
  • Wednesday, November 29
    Shevchenko Sergey & Tatyana, Mariet
    Shinkarevich Vladimir & Anna, Roman
    Shishko Aleksandr & Anna



Registration is now open! If you haven’t already signed up for one of the many small groups, hurry up and signup, in the church foyer or in the church app. When choosing a small group, do not look at the age of the leaders or where they live, meetings can take place anywhere, including the church, and a small group can be made up of any age. Please note, that some cells will be held in Ukrainian or English. If you are unfamiliar with the group leaders, this is a good time to get out of your comfort zone, get to know each other, and make new friends.

Bible Land is in need of teachers for children ages 3-4, if you’re willing, or it’s on your heart to work with kids of that age, please contact ministry leader Leya Gula (417) 569-2908.

School of Russian Language is looking for teachers. If you have any experience in teaching Russian Language to small kids, please contact school’s director Svetlana Paliakou (503) 830-9696.

Available for your Phone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon devices, and Roku TV. Search app stores for “Bread of Life MO” or tap on the image below to install.

Birthday’s in November

Friends, please take a few minutes of your time and congratulate those who have birthday, they will be very pleased. (Tap on the phone number and hold to make a phone call or send text message)

  • 1 November
    Arustamyan Irina
    (904) 566-3250
    Bratkov Vladimir
    (417) 763-1826
  • 2 November
    Geshka Jenny
    (971) 930-7412
    Martinov Irina
    (417) 705-9778
    Kozlov Vera
    (907) 712-7180
    Lyashuk Vladislav
    (916) 248-0915
  • 3 November
    Subbotin Vitaliy
    (916) 308-1849
    Koren Anatoliy
    (360) 719-9270
    Lozovinskaya Lyubov
    (503) 490-9504
  • 4 November
    Struk Lyubov
    (916) 662-2868
    Petrovskiy David
    (916) 743-6547
    Reutov Vasiliy
  • 5 November
    Ivanov Alex
    (417) 430-7217
    Formanchuk Ivan
  • 6 November
    Prisyazhnyuk Stas
    (720) 338-4040
  • 7 November
    Terzi Jason
    (916) 803-7780
  • 9 November
    Pozdnyakov Kristina
    (916) 578-3189
    Fedchuk Daniel
    (417) 509-5854
  • 11 November
    Derevencha Oksana
    (417) 522-8599
    Arustamyan Michael
    (904) 537-4759
  • 12 November
    Khurshudyan Marine
  • 15 November
    Shabura Dmitriy
    (360) 831-7924
    Muzichuk Natalie
    (904) 294-0020
    Bratkov Rose
    (417) 844-5382
  • 16 November
    Yrychyn Kirill
    (916) 425-4081
  • 18 November
    Nalivayko Artem
    (425) 232-7443
    Romanyuk Snezhana
    (916) 715-1216
  • 19 November
    Jilson Gregory
    (417) 849-8965
  • 20 November
    Filipenko Elena
    (417) 496-5864
    Gladkov Nicholas
    (417) 551-3172
  • 21 November
    Bardadin Sergey
    (417) 300-5312
    Petrovskiy Konstantin
    (916) 459-7199
  • 22 November
    Bosovik Roman
    (503) 539-4537
  • 23 November
    Struk Samuel
    (916) 257-2566
    Kuznetsov Oleksiy
    (660) 287-3187
    Petresku Daniel
    (417) 942-7788
    Gotishan Petr
    (916) 949-0077
  • 24 November
    Vakhrushev Yakov
    (303) 359-7952
  • 25 November
    Galushkin Anna
    (417) 207-2077
  • 26 November
    Zhuk Tatyana
    (417) 599-0002
    Kozik Yuriy
    (417) 848-5006
  • 27 November
    Zhakun Pavlo
    (417) 306-1953
  • 28 November
    Levitchi Alla
    (916) 607-7669
  • 29 November
    Vedernikov Dima
    (417) 988-0727
    Yukhimchuk Inna
    (971) 221-0165
  • 30 November
    Fursov Arthur
    (417) 402-4754
    Petrovskiy Emily
    (916) 533-8835

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