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Ladies Retreat 2023 “Oil in Your Lamp

22-24 September. The Bread of Life Church Ladies Retreat gathered nearly 50 sisters at a spectacular lodge resort in Branson, Missouri. For three days, the daughters of the King studied at His feet, prayed, praised God, rested, and were recharged spiritually and physically. The sisters made new friends, climbed a mountain together, and experienced a detoxification of body and spirit.

“We can come to God and repent, but never know Him as Father. We may fear God and feel like we are not good enough to be His daughter and embrace His life abundantly.” shared her challenging story of freedom from the spirit of orphanhood, Olesya Isaev from South Carolina.

“A person is a spirit that has a soul and is in a body. Many Christians live in a toxic subconscious, simmering in imaginary problems. The subconscious mind includes emotions, lived experiences, values, imagination, control of all body systems, habits, defense mechanisms, beliefs, fears, resentments, trauma, toxic thoughts, pain, childhood, and long-term memory. “It is important to identify your problem areas and replace the lies with the truth of God’s Word,” taught Elena Tsioma, founder of Healing Room Ministries in South Carolina.

“Every Christian has a flesh – body and soul interaction. The soul must be trained to be subject to the spirit. The spirit is not based on the five senses, it is subject only to faith. We have the DNA of Jesus Christ! Until people accept the nature of God, Who He really is (living life to excess), it is difficult for them to experience emotional healing, much less spiritual healing. It is important to saturate ourselves with the Word of God. Not just to read it and forget it, but for my reaction to change. So that there is a reaction of Jesus there, not my flesh. I put Your Word in my heart so that I don’t sin, so that I don’t yell at my children, so that I don’t murmur, but give thanks…” – continued the speaker.

The retreat served as a blessing to the sisters who experienced God in a new way, with many testifying that they received healing of spirit, soul and body.

“I forget to forgive myself, believing the lie that I am not worthy. The Lord set me free from unforgiving myself, I realized how important it is to believe that I am forgiven. When we believe the devil’s lies, he keeps us on a chain, but God taught me to confess my sins to give the devil no room.”

“When have I been closest to God in all my years? Not during services or conferences, but when I was in my prayer room alone with God and realized ‘He is the only One who can help me right now’.” How important it is to invest time in Scripture and hunger for His presence, His Word.”

“It is so important to pray not only for others, but also for myself. If I am filled with God and His strength, I will have something to give to others.”

“Praise God for bringing our dreams to reality ~ much needed renewal of strength, strengthening of spirit, rest of body and revelation from God. Thank you!”

“I enjoyed talking about God’s work together, sharing His graces, and just so hugging each other in humility and love. To get to know so many young and interesting moms. It turns out that not only brothers live together well and pleasantly, but sisters too. And most importantly, I received a complete liberation and calming of my spirit. And now spirit and soul triumph in complete freedom. Thanks be to God! Thank you to all who labored for us and took care of the replenishment of spirit and flesh. God bless all those who sacrificed time and resources.”

The purpose of the retreat was conveyed by the slogan “Oil in Your Lamp” according to Matthew 25:1-13. The symbolic gifts that each sister took home will be a good reminder of how important it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be always ready for the coming of our King.

Lana Ren

Important Information for Parents!
A special request from all children’s and teens’ ministries. If your child is sick, sneezing or coughing, please do not bring them to church for services or children’s choir practice. We have so many children and they get infected from sick children very quickly. It is not aesthetically correct, goes against common sense, and is not fair to the parents who are doing everything they can to protect their children. Thank you for your understanding.


7 October. Saturday – Slavic Harvest Festival
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8 October. SundayCommunion Service

22 October. SundayHarvest Celebration

27 October. FridayWorship Night

29 October. SundayMissions Service

Weekly Church Calendar

Sunday 8:30AM Service in Russian language; 10:30AM Service in Russian language; Kids Church K-3 Grade; 12:30PM Service in English language; Kids Church K-3 Grade.

Monday – 6:30PM Women’s Prayer; Kids and Teens Choirs Rehearsal.

Tuesday – 6:00AM Men’s Bible Study; 7:00PM Adult Choir Rehearsal; Teens Bible Quiz.

Wednesday – 7:00PM Midweek Prayer Service; Kids Church 4-5 Grade; Teens Bible Study.

Thursday – 10:00AM Women’s Fellowship; 5:50PM Worship Teams Rehearsal; 6:00PM School of Russian Language.

Friday – 10:00AM Morning Prayer; 7:00PM Evenung Prayer; 7:15PM Young Adults Service.

Prayer for Families in October

Each week the church is in prayer for the three families, and we pray for them at the Wednesday service. Please join us to bless them together with us.

  • Wednesday, October 4
    Romanyuk Yuriy & Snezhana, Daniel
    Rozhko Yaroslav & Elena
    Rusnak Anatoliy & Yana
  • Wednesday, October 11
    Rusnak Yuriy & Irina
    Lazarenko Gheorghi & Marina
    Sagun Valentina, Inna
  • Wednesday, October 18
    Sakhno Andrey & Julia
    Samarskiy Vasiliy & Galina
    Samoyednyy Anatoliy & Lyudmila, Illya, Andrey
  • Wednesday, October 25
    Fedchuk Eduard & Sofia
    Sapsay Lyudmila
    Sashkov Slavik & Rita, Ella, Maksim, Ruslan


Bible Land is in need of teachers for children ages 3-4, if you’re willing, or it’s on your heart to work with kids of that age, please contact ministry leader Leya Gula (417) 569-2908.

School of Russian Language is looking for teachers. If you have any experience in teaching Russian Language to small kids, please contact school’s director Svetlana Paliakou (503) 830-9696.

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Birthday’s in October

Friends, please take a few minutes of your time and congratulate those who have birthday, they will be very pleased. (Tap on the phone number and hold to make a phone call or send text message)

  • 1 October
    Terzi Enessa
    (916) 813-1575
  • 3 October
    Sekishov Svetlana
    (417) 840-4181
    Malyk Julia
    (417) 650-5924
    Stetsenko Julia
    (951) 388-6828
  • 4 October
    Baronetchi Oleg
    (503) 975-0031
    Svyatetskiy Phillip
    (720) 419-4167
  • 6 October
    Fedorenko Aleksandr
    (417) 838-5089
  • 8 October
    Taras Mike
    (360) 931-6896
  • 10 October
    Terzi Victoria
    (916) 793-5032
  • 11 October
    Sakhno Julia
    (360) 772-9306
  • 14 October
    Tatarinov Sergey
    (425) 530-1443
    Ivanov Emilia
    (417) 576-7410
  • 16 October
    Bosovik Irina
    (503) 866-1610
  • 17 October
    Navizovskyy Vlad
    (503) 544-9031
    Krivoruchko Daniel
    (417) 631-1330
    Kozlov Vladislava
    (417) 419-3126
    Tsaruk Leah
    (425) 948-0176
  • 18 October
    Kozlov Anatoliy
    (907) 712-7181
  • 19 October
    Romanyuk Yuriy
    (916) 425-4081
  • 20 October
    Karas Antonina
    (417) 459-1316
    Martinov Dmitriy
    (417) 234-2290
    Galushkin Nikolay
    (417) 814-0089
  • 21 October
    Galushkin Margarita
    (417) 239-7482
  • 22 October
    Fedchuk Eduard
    (417) 693-4127
  • 23 October
    Babakov Liliya
    (503) 488-0890
  • 24 October
    Vakhrusheva Nina
    (720) 585-6817
    Chernioglo Natalya
    (916) 717-5617
    Willis Dylan
    (417) 294-9066
  • 25 October
    Prokopenko Alex
    (417) 370-0575
    Ivankin Victoria
    (360) 909-4730
  • 27 October
    Repin Daniella
    (503) 926-1728
    Ierusalimets Leya
    (425) 423-0585
  • 28 October
    Golub Isabella
    (360) 927-4431
    Shevhenko Tatyana
    (360) 746-1515
  • 29 October
    Rusnak Yana
    (417) 209-6359
    Kozlov Victor
    (503) 939-1780
    Almasan Benjamin
    (971) 337-8989
    Goloveychuk Vlad
    (425) 501-2514
  • 29 October
    Sapsay Lyudmila
    (417) 838-9369
  • 30 October
    Filipenko Carolina
    (417) 501-8199

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