Bulletin – July 2023


Past Month.

Water Baptism.

June 3. “I have decided to follow Jesus! I will not turn from that path!” – such a statement came out of the mouths of 29 brothers and sisters in public. The Holy Water Baptism was held at Bread of Life Church, Springfield, Missouri.

“Older people can remember when they were baptized at night, secretly from the authorities, but today is a time of freedom and you can declare your faith without repercussions from the state. “This is a special day for the baptized because they are taking one more step in following Christ,” noted Deacon Anatoly Chernioglo of the Bread of Life Church.

“This is not an idea of the Bread of Life Church Board of Brethren; it is a commandment of God to baptize all nations. And we are glad to do God’s will today. Each of you can remember the many blessings and victories along the way with God,” said Alex Muzichuk, associate pastor of Bread of Life Church.

“Maybe someone here is in a broken state of mind and needs God’s touch. If you are tired, if you have drifted away from Christ, God can raise you up today to a new life, a victorious life with Christ!” – Called Alex for a renewed relationship with the Heavenly Father.

“Do you believe that Christ has forgiven your sins? We do! Do you promise to serve Him throughout your life? We promise! On the basis of your faith and your promise, we baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!” – these words were spoken many times. The hearts of those who witnessed the sacrament of baptism were overflowing with joy and awe.

“Look at all the flowers! Today is God’s victory day in the lives of our brothers and sisters, it’s a special date and we bless them and rejoice with them and their parents,” said Bread of Life Church Senior Pastor Mykola Ilyuk.

The Church of Christ in Springfield prayed and blessed the baptized ones on their new path, that God’s hand would lead them on, help them realize their calling and keep them holy until eternity.

“Whiter than snow have you also become! Keep the holy garment! Don’t stain this beauty, for to God you have made a promise!” – sounded the musical wish.

Then 13 sisters and 16 brothers were added to the worldwide church. The celebration ended with the picnic, fellowship and service to one another.

Lana Ren
Watch the full video of the Water Baptism here.

Teen Bible Academy

June 19 – July 2. Teen Bible Academy brought together more than 40 students ages 14-17. The program, was held for the second time at Bread of Life Church in Springfield, Missouri, and lasted two weeks.

George Davidiuk taught about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Antichrist, and the last days. Alex Muzichuk opened the subject of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Andrei Sakhno – purpose and the unfolding of talents for God’s glory. Vitaly Kashubin talked about the spiritual battle, and Vitaliy Pulber about Christians – not outsiders and the victorious will of God.

A special TBA guest from Washington State, Russell Korets, shared about the glorious Church, the mission of Christians in society, and diversions.

In addition to practical Christian lessons, some workshops prepare for independent living. These included wood carving, photography, cooking, time management, personal budgeting, healthy living, hairdressing, candle making, auto mechanics, programming, first aid, and many more.

Natasha Muzichuk, Director of Teen Bible Academy, shares why she is organizing TBA for the second year in a row: “When I saw how much of the filth and sin our children have to deal with, I wanted to pour as much positive into their hearts as possible to build a foundation of faith. The goal is to create a place to develop their gifts and talents, grow spiritually, and become strong leaders and future ministers. This is where teens receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and are ignited to read the Bible. They begin to serve their God, not just their parents’ God. We are rushing to sow into souls, for they are eternal!”

World-renowned George Davidiuk stated, “TBA is a wonderful program for your children. During the teenage years, an identity is formed; and when they hear God’s Word, it washes over their mind, soul, and spirit like water. After 18 or 20 years old, they will leave your home, go to universities, hear godless professors, be surrounded by peers; and it is very important that they have a foundation to know who God is and who Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are to them. I am excited to be a part of your children’s education. Support Teen Bible Academy prayerfully, morally, and financially! Send your kids to TBA!”

Here’s what the teens themselves have to say:
Ariana Matlashevsky: “I learned a lot about Jesus, the Bible, and how to grow in my relationship with God.”
Janeta Chernioglo: “I love to experiment and will make sushi and macaroons at home, as we were taught here.”
Mark Lebedinsky: “This is a great place to make friends and learn to hear God’s voice!”
Emma Yevtushuk: “TBA opens your eyes to things you didn’t know and need to know as a teenager.”
Alina Bevzyuk: “Go to Teen Bible Academy; here, you will learn much about God and get closer to Jesus!”

A fascinating experience in TBA-2023 was a trip to the Holy Land, Arkansas. There, students were able to relive biblical events, meet Moses, Mary Magdalene, the Apostle Peter, and even see Jesus walking on the water of the Sea of Galilee. They also visited the Thorncrown Chapel in the Mountains, the Bible Museum, and a massive statue of Christ. Toward the end of the day, the teens enjoyed an excellent performance by the cast of Great Passion Play, “the most attended open-air play in America.”

Teen Bible Academy is a summer experience for teens ages 14-17 that includes worship services, biblical reflections, classroom instruction, out-of-state trips, participation in other churches, hands-on ministry, and time with peers.

The vision of Teen Bible Academy is to equip the next generation with fundamental biblical principles to help them grow in their faith, develop Christian character, and form a biblical worldview.

At teenbibleacademy.org, you can already sign up for TBA-2024; send this link to your friends!

Lana Ren

Important Information for Parents!
A special request from all children’s and teens’ ministries. If your child is sick, sneezing or coughing, please do not bring them to church for services or children’s choir practice. We have so many children and they get infected from sick children very quickly. It is not aesthetically correct, goes against common sense, and is not fair to the parents who are doing everything they can to protect their children. Thank you for your understanding.


July 15Saturday, 7:00АM – 3:00PMGarage Sale Fundraising. Worship Ministry and Media Ministry will be holding a Garage Sale together to raise money for equipment upgrades at the church. If you have any good items (everything but clothes) that you don’t need, bring them to church on July 2 and 9. We are also expecting you and your friends to support us with a purchase on July 15, or if you just want to bless the media ministry, you can do so HERE.

July 23Sunday (between services) Bake Sale. There will be a Bake Sale at church for children’s camp. Buying all kinds of yummy goodies will help make camp better and more fun.

Weekly Church Calendar

Sunday 8:30AM Service in Russian language; 10:30AM Service in Russian language; 12:30PM Service in English language.

Monday – 6:30PM Women’s Prayer; Kids and Teens Choirs Rehearsal.

Tuesday – 6:00AM Men’s Bible Study; 7:00PM Adult Choir Rehearsal; Teens Bible Quiz.

Wednesday – 7:00PM Midweek Prayer Service; Kids Church 4-5 Grade; Teens Bible Study.

Thursday – 10:00AM Women’s Fellowship; 5:50PM Worship Teams Rehearsal; 6:00PM School of Russian Language.

Friday – 10:00AM Morning Prayer; 7:00PM Evenung Prayer; 7:15PM Young Adults Service.

Prayer for Families in July

Each week the church is in prayer for the three families, and we pray for them at the Wednesday service. Please join us to bless them together with us.

  • Wednesday, July 5
    Malyk Fedor & Elena, Evnika, Julia, Alex, Korel
    Mylik Nikolay & Rose, Pavel, Rose
    Mylik Andrey & Anna
  • Wednesday, July 12
    Mylik Nikolay & Tatyana
    Musienko Hanna, Irina
    Muzichuk Aleksandr & Natalie
  • Wednesday, July 19
    Nalivayko Artem & Liliya
    Naranovich Alex & Liza
    Navizovskyy Andrey & Tatyana, David
  • Wednesday, July 26
    Navizovskyy Vlad & Alesia
    Nikanchuk Vladimir & Valentina
    Novik Ariana


Bible Land is in need of teachers for children ages 3-4, if you it on your heart to work with kids of that age, please contact ministry leader Leya Gula (417) 569-2908.

Kids Camp is now open for registration. Camp will take place August 13-17, for kids ages 7-11, July 2nd is the last day to register for $165, don’t miss the opportunity!! Starting July 3rd, price is $190 per child, registration closes on July 31st. Register Here.

Birthday’s in July

Friends, please take a few minutes of your time and congratulate those who have birthday, they will be very pleased. (Tap on the phone number and hold to make a phone call or send text message)

  • 2 July
    Kigilyuk Liliya
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    Bosovik Bogdan
    (417) 818-2761
  • 4 July
    Grishchuk Bogdan
    (417) 987-0202
  • 6 July
    Kashubin Lidia
    (503) 257-2479
    Loboda Kiril
    (720) 261-8388
  • 7 July
    Maystrenko Deanna
    (916) 633-3086
    Kolotyuk Meagan
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    Lutsik Elona
    (417) 877-6250
  • 12 July
    Petrovskiy Anatoliy
    (916) 667-6883
    Musienko Irina
    (503) 739-4938
  • 13 July
    Berezyuk Vera
    (206) 503-6374
    Gudima Deanna
    (417) 234-7246
  • 14 July
    Sychyk Elena
    (816) 588-1362
  • 15 July
    Zhuk Igor
    (417) 599-0206
  • 16 July
    Malyk Ekaterina
    (417) 551-2790
  • 17 July
    Stepchuk Erik
    (425) 350-2503
    Gonchar Nadezhda
    (916) 412-5441
  • 19 July
    Gotishan Inessa
    (916) 529-8758
    Filipenko Veniamin
    (417) 522-4454
  • 20 July
    Indyushkin Sergey
    (503) 703-0149
    Kozlov Veronica
    (417) 860-7074
  • 22 July
    Ivanov Phillip
    (417) 693-2264
    Kosovan Liliya
    Diaconu Anatolie
    (916) 223-1550
  • 25 July
    Lutsik Inna
    (503) 734-5868
    Tatarinov Larisa
    (425) 530-1442
    Dovganyuk Lyudmila
    (503) 317-8137
  • 27 July
    Kosovan Nikolay
    (916) 303-6131
    Komonash Evdokia
    (612) 306-1783
  • 29 July
    Bool Vera
    (916) 708-3317
    Khurdushyan Natalia
  • 31 July
    Kalachik Natalia
    (509) 699-5169

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