Bulletin – August 2023


Past Month.

July 2. The graduation of the Teen Bible Academy took place. About 50 teens attended a two-week Bible study and many different workshops that will be very helpful to them in their lives. They also visited a neighboring church with a performance, and had a good time on a trip to Arkansas where they had the opportunity to experience the past of Bible times. And a trip to the Christian Theater for a performance of “Esther” which is in Branson.

July 15. All the worship teams, along with the media ministry, had a big Garage Sale and Car Wash. They are very grateful to all of you who responded and brought items to sell or came to the car wash. It was a lot of work to put everything together and sell it, but it was worth it. Over $5,000 was raised and it will all go towards upgrades to the sound system which is already failing.

July 23. The Children’s Ministry held a Bake Sale to cover some of the costs of Kids Camp, and to make paying for a child more affordable. Many thanks to all who responded and participated in the event and to all who bought yummy goodies. Together we can do a lot by helping each other.

Vision Sunday

July 30. Perhaps the most important event of July was Vision Sunday. For the first time in all the years of the church’s existence, we had this event. Senior Pastor Mykola Ilyuk reminded us about the history of our church, about our growth, both spiritually and in numbers. He spoke about the three main directions of the church, Faith, Family and Mission. He then spoke about the church’s vision for the future, what we are striving for and what lies ahead.
As we all know and see our biggest challenge is the size of the building, lack of rooms, classrooms and space for meetings and ministries. The church board has been working on this for some time now and weighing different options for expansion. Many will say, why can’t we expand this auditorium, or build a larger building next to it? All of these questions have been discussed by the church board many times and from many different angles, and there is one answer. It is the land use laws, and they are limiting us to do this. The pastor has talked about buying land that is closer to city infrastructure and where we may be allowed to build a large 1000 seat building. Negotiations are going on with city and county agencies, our brethren are seeking permission, and if everything works out we will move forward with the purchase.

This lot is located on a dead end street, in a very quiet location, despite the nearby freeway noise, it can not be heard. There is a house on the lot that could be used for church use after a little renovation. So if a bigger building than this one could be built, it would solve a lot of our problems. We will have more space for services, we need a large foyer for fellowship after services, also auditorium and classrooms for children’s ministry, and a larger, well-protected nursery. We need large rooms for prayer and various meetings and gatherings. We need to have all of these things under one roof.
Our current building can be used for weddings and events, or also for a school, there are many different options, it will certainly not be empty.
Therefore, we should not be afraid of the future and changes. We believe that the Lord has put it on the hearts of the pastors and the church board to pay attention to this land, and we see the hand of God helping us to authorize a bigger building. We ask you to pray for this project, bless the church’s leadership for the right decisions, and support this project financially. This is our all-together future, our children and grandchildren, and it is for their sake that they will be with us in the church when they grow up and lead people to salvation.

Important Information for Parents!
A special request from all children’s and teens’ ministries. If your child is sick, sneezing or coughing, please do not bring them to church for services or children’s choir practice. We have so many children and they get infected from sick children very quickly. It is not aesthetically correct, goes against common sense, and is not fair to the parents who are doing everything they can to protect their children. Thank you for your understanding.


August 6. SundayCommunion Service

August 11-13. Youth Camp

August 13-17. Kids Camp

August 20. Sunday – Prayer for all students

August 27. SundayBaby Dedication. If you would like to bring your children to the church to pray for them, fill out the form HERE.

Weekly Church Calendar

Sunday 8:30AM Service in Russian language; 10:30AM Service in Russian language; Kids Church K-3 Grade; 12:30PM Service in English language; Kids Church K-3 Grade.

Monday – 6:30PM Women’s Prayer; Kids and Teens Choirs Rehearsal.

Tuesday – 6:00AM Men’s Bible Study; 7:00PM Adult Choir Rehearsal; Teens Bible Quiz.

Wednesday – 7:00PM Midweek Prayer Service; Kids Church 4-5 Grade; Teens Bible Study.

Thursday – 10:00AM Women’s Fellowship; 5:50PM Worship Teams Rehearsal; 6:00PM School of Russian Language.

Friday – 10:00AM Morning Prayer; 7:00PM Evenung Prayer; 7:15PM Young Adults Service.

Prayer for Families in August

Each week the church is in prayer for the three families, and we pray for them at the Wednesday service. Please join us to bless them together with us.

  • Wednesday, August 2
    Almasan Benjamin & Anna
    Osenniy Michael & Nadezhda
    Ovcharenko Valentina
  • Wednesday, August 9
    Paliakou Anatoliy & Alina
    Paliakou Andrey & Alla
    Paliakou Michael & Svetlana, Ella, Nikita
  • Wednesday, August 16
    Paliakou Valera
    Pavlenko Vladimir & Olesya, Svetlana, Oksana
    Pavliuk Serhii & Liudmyla
  • Wednesday, August 23
    Perevertaylo David & Anna
    Perju Grigore & Nina
    Permyashkin Andrew & Ilona
  • Wednesday, August 30
    Petrashchuk Vitaliy & Maria
    Petresku Daniel & Natalie
    Petrovskiy Anatoliy & Emily


Bible Land is in need of teachers for children ages 3-4, if you’re willing, or it’s on your heart to work with kids of that age, please contact ministry leader Leya Gula (417) 569-2908.

Teens Retreat is now open for registration. It will take place September 1-4, for teens 6-8 Grade. Retreat is for Bread of Life Church Teens only! $135 per teen, registration closes on August 31st. Register Here.

School of Russian Language is looking for teachers. If you have any experience in teaching Russian Language to small kids, please contact school’s director Svetlana Paliakou (503) 830-9696.

Birthday’s in August

Friends, please take a few minutes of your time and congratulate those who have birthday, they will be very pleased. (Tap on the phone number and hold to make a phone call or send text message)

  • 1 August
    Kamerzan Oleg
    (425) 443-9517
  • 3 August
    Kashubin Victor
    (971) 645-3162
    Shapoval Vitaliy
    (417) 612-1089
  • 4 August
    Osenniy Michael
    (503) 360-4775
    Martinov Vera
    (417) 986-9187
    Malyk Nelya
    (660) 620-2421
    Savchenko Oleksandr
    (971) 340-7496
  • 5 August
    Timoshchuk Katie
    (660) 619-6705
    Mulik Yuriy
    (417) 450-2971
  • 7 August
    Kozyk Anna
    (417) 848-5006
    Perju Nina
    (916) 202-9024
    Harbuz Vadzim
    (425) 691-6719
  • 8 August
    Yerhalieieva Alina
    (417) 838-5095
    Vakhrushev Svitlana
    (303) 359-8192
  • 10 August
    Garbuzov Vladimir
    (916) 416-7700
  • 11 August
    Suchevan Dorin
    (417) 838-7107
  • 12 August
    Terzi Oleg
    (916) 826-5931
  • 13 August
    Chasovski Sergey
    (916) 318-1002
  • 14 August
    Illyuk Jake
    (417) 920-5012
    Tatiana Petrovskaya
    (916) 459-0401
  • 15 August
    Kovalenko Dima
    (816) 830-3921
    Petrovskiy Galina
    (916) 832-7884
  • 16 August
    Fedchuk Marina
    (417) 763-1477
    Sagun Inna
    (916) 225-6758
  • 17 August
    Subbotin Mark
    (916) 873-5835
    Derevencha Nina
  • 19 August
    Marchuk Nick
    (417) 631-6600
  • 20 August
    Kozma Dina
    (916) 804-3066
  • 21 August
    Kuleshov Liana
    (417) 380-9764
    Kigilyuk Oksana
    (417) 616-1609
    Fedchuk Roman
    (417) 920-1865
    Tsitsyura Lilia
    (916) 204-5625
  • 22 August
    Kuleshov Viktor
    (303) 475-0052
    Fursov Bogdan
    (916) 960-3994
  • 24 August
    Prok Olga
    (916) 529-9486
    Volovodik Yuriy
    (503) 676-9618
    Baronetchi Manoli
    (417) 300-2252
  • 25 August
    Maystrenko Andrey
    (916) 633-4220
    Diaconu Ecaterina
    (916) 955-5424
    Shinkarevich Anna
    (417) 225-8337
  • 26 August
    Malyk Liana
    (417) 655-7288
  • 27 August
    Pavlenko Vladimir
    (417) 838-1493
  • 29 August
    Samoyednyy Lyudmila
    (425) 931-3745

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