Bulletin – April 2023


Past Month.

Ordination Service.
It was a celebration! It was the event of the year! Six brothers were ordained to the diaconal ministry – Vladimir Yevtushuk, Vitaliy Shapoval, Pavel Lutsik, Alexey Illyuk, Vladimir Gula, and Vladimir Garbuzov. There were many guest pastors, both from neighboring churches and from other states. The ordination service was officiated by Bishop Viktor Limonchenko, who is the Assistant Superintendent of the Slavic District of the Assemblies of God. Also participating in the laying on of hands were our Senior Pastor, Mykola Illyuk, and Vasily Mamnev, Senior Pastor of Grace Church, Minneapolis. The other pastors and ministers supported them in prayer of blessing. After the service all of the guests and ministers had a good conversation over a delicious lunch.

You can look at the full photo report of the service HERE, you will need the password “BOLchurch” to open the album.

NSD Midwest Regional Ministers Meeting.
On March 25th at our church was a meeting of Ministers of the Slavic District of the Midwest Region, there were ministers from several states. These meetings are held every two years to re-elect the regional pastor. Once again, our Senior Pastor Mykola Illyuk was elected Midwest Regional Pastor, and Pastor Kostantin Lubimov from Texas was elected as his secretary.

Mission trip to Mexico
Another missionary trip to Mexico took place from March 11-17. The three church buses were full of youth and teens and it was a blessed trip. You will hear more testimonies and how the Lord used our missionaries at the April 23rd Missionary Service.

Important Information for Parents!
A special request from all children’s and teens’ ministries. If your child is sick, sneezing or coughing, please do not bring them to church for services or children’s choir practice. We have so many children and they get infected from sick children very quickly. It is not aesthetically correct, goes against common sense, and is not fair to the parents who are doing everything they can to protect their children. Thank you for your understanding.

Church Events in APRIL

April 1Saturday, 6:00PM – Launch of “Kingdom Couples” ministry for English speaking couples.

April 2, SundayBaby Dedication. If you would like to bring your children to the church to pray for them, fill out the form HERE.

April 5WednesdayNo Service – moved to Thursday.

April 6Thursday, Communion Service

April 7Friday, Night Prayer: from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

April 9SundayEaster Service. All 3 services.

April 14-15Youth ConferenceFriday, 7:00PM, Saturday 6:00PM

April 16SundayBake Sale – After each service, packaged goods will be sold outside. All proceeds will go towards the Teen Bible Academy.

Weekly Church Calendar

Sunday 8:30AM Service in Russian language; 10:30AM Service in Russian language; 12:30PM Service in English language.

Monday – 6:30PM Women’s Prayer; Kids and Teens Choirs Rehearsal.

Tuesday – 6:00AM Men’s Bible Study; 7:00PM Adult Choir Rehearsal; Teens Bible Quiz.

Wednesday – 7:00PM Midweek Prayer Service; Kids Church 4-5 Grade; Teens Bible Study.

Thursday – 10:00AM Women’s Fellowship; 5:50PM Worship Teams Rehearsal; 6:00PM School of Russian Language.

Friday – 10:00AM Morning Prayer; 7:00PM Evenung Prayer; 7:15PM Young Adults Service.

Prayer for Families in April

Each week the church is in prayer for the three families, and we pray for them at the Wednesday service. Please join us to bless them together with us.

  • Wednesday, April 12
    Kostynyuk Ivan and Domnika
    Kovalenko Dima and Julia
    Kozlov Anatoliy and Vera
  • Wednesday, April 19
    Kozma Dina
    Kozlov Viktor and Liana, Isaiah, Ruben
    Kozlov Sergey and Vita
  • Wednesday, April 26
    Kozlov Vladislav and Vladislava
    Kozyk Yuriy and Anna
    Kozyrev Vladimir and Evelina


Kids Choir urgently in need of a choir conductor or leader, who is willing to take over new kids choir ages 11-13. If you have a talent, ability and hearts desire to serve, please call Lyubov Lozovinskaya (503) 490-9504.

Kids Church is planning this summer’s Kids Camp, and they’re in need of volunteers, if you’re interested to help, you can signup here.

Bible Land is in need of teachers for children ages 3-4, if you it on your heart to work with kids of that age, please contact ministry leader Leya Gula (417) 569-2908.

Teen Bible Academy Registration now open for teens ages 14-17. For Bread of Life Church members and non-members as well. Please hurry up to register, as half of the spots already taken. All additional information is on their website teenbibleacademy.org

Birthday’s in April

Friends, please take a few minutes of your time and congratulate those who have birthday, they will be very pleased. (Tap on the phone number and hold to make a phone call or send text message)

  • April 1
    Shevchenko Sergey
    (360) 305-1073
  • April 2
    Musienko Hanna
    (503) 739-4450
  • April 3
    Almasan (Malyk) Anna
    (360) 547-2182
  • April 4
    Shabura Lyubov
    (503) 317-0605
  • April 9
    Fursov Alysa
    (864) 909-9007
    Bosovik Ivan
    (503) 880-9638
    Petresku Nataliia
    (417) 414-7402
  • April 12
    Galushkin Samuel
    (417) 258-3189
  • April 16
    Bargamon Zoya
    (503) 919-1057
  • April 18
    Chasovskiy Vladislav
    (916) 318-1007
  • April 19
    Chernioglo Jake
    (417) 849-6550
  • April 20
    Gonchar Igor
    (916) 412-5441
  • April 21
    Shinkarevich Roman
    (315) 864-1329
  • April 22
    Paliakou Alla
    (971) 254-7444
    Babakov Vera
    (503) 504-1317
  • April 23
    Yevtushuk Vladimir
    (951) 965-0419
  • April 25
    Terzi Tatyana
    (916) 670-5672
    Illyuk Leah
    (417) 425-4749
    Pavlenko Svetlana
    (417) 371-1572
  • April 29
    Chegarnov Svetlana
    (253) 797-0501
    Stetsenko Sergey
    (951) 837-7036
  • April 30
    Goloveychuk Elena
    (253) 348-4760
    Sashkov Slavik
    (503) 519-0633
    Formanchuk Nikolay
    (253) 205-6432

Important Information!

If your address or phone number has changed, or you’re not in the birthday list, please update your information via button below. By having your contact info in our database, you’ll be able to receive important notifications and be up to date on church life.

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